The Aquarium’s mission is to foster an inspired, diverse and creative music community. Co-directors are Ryan Hoffart and Josie Gereszek. Clyde Schuman is the venue’s head of sound.

Ryan Hoffart

Talent buyer and promoter

Ryan has been booking shows in Fargo-Moorhead for years. He was one of a group of promoters who ran a now-defunct all-ages music venue called The New Direction. Ryan joined The Aquarium staff to continue bringing high-quality artists to the area.

In addition to booking shows, Ryan is the vocalist in Baltic to Boardwalk.

[Photo by Arrold Walton]

Josie Gereszek

Talent buyer and promoter

Josie’s been involved in the regional music scene for more than a decade. She joined the Aquarium team in 2016 after working at all-ages venues Rhythm Records in Bismarck, ND, and Red Raven Espresso Parlor in downtown Fargo.

Now based in Minneapolis, Josie continues booking in Fargo and the Twin Cities as Fish Tank Promotions. She is the marketing and communications manager of a national suicide prevention nonprofit and designer of the High Plains Reader. Josie has performed bass and vocals in projects including Kat & The Kodachromes (current), Girl Hag, Free Truman and 3 Horses.